Master Frank Charlillo
Master C has over 40 years experience in Martial Arts including Minna-Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Daito-ryu Aikbudo (Origins of Aikido), Krav Maga, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, and extensive knife training. He is passionate about teaching Self-Defense and incorporates the best from all his training when teaching his students. Master C believes that anyone can learn how to defend themselves, regardless of age, physical ability or fitness level. Master Frank Charlillo 7th Dan

7th Dan Black Belt - MJJ
Master Instructor
JJBBF Vice President

Purple Belt - BJJ
 Pedro Sauer Association

                                         Bishal Tamang                                             Abby Abood    

                                   Sparring Coach                                        National Champ Sparring & Kata                        

                                                                                                                 Junior Instructor  Kids                                                                   


Sensei Jay Reardon
Jay Reardon is one of our most seasoned instructors. His passion for Martial Arts and teaching is top notch. Jay started his athletic career in the Marines as a boxer, during his 4 to 5 years he had many fights and along with his record: Miami Gloves fight- runner up, lost in championship bought. Atlantic Fleet Tournament, 1st place winner in championship bought. All Marine Tournament, 2nd place in final championship bought. Jay was Olympic bound until an eye injury prohibited him from boxing. In his next sport he earned his Black Belt in Minna-Jiu-Jitsu and then went on to teach Martial Arts in a program with the YMCA. Later, work moved him out of state and 30 years pasted. Jay joined The Academy of Self-Defense during our first 6 months, and earned his 2nd. Dan Black Belt in May of 2013, and is now one of our Senior Instructors. Jay Reardon 2nd Dan
3rd Dan Black Belt - MJJ
Sensei Lauren Charlillo
Lauren has been training in Martial Arts for over 10 years now and also holds the rank of Black Belt in Tae Kwon do. She is the Head Instructor for our Lil' Dragons program ages 3 1/2 to 6. Currently a student at the University of Akron majoring in Food & Environmental Nutrition. Lauren has been teaching children for over 6 years now and is Certified in First Aid & CPR. She is also a volunteer for MDA, participating in her 7th camp this year.
1st Dan Black Belt -MJJ





Sensei Da'Ronn Greene
Da'Ronn Greene has been in love with Martial Arts since the age of 5. This passion evolved from staying up late nights on the weekend watching Bruce Lee films and Kung-Fu Theatre with his uncle who was much older. He started with Karate at 15 years old in Flint, Michigan under the Tutelage of Master Jacky King, competing in tournaments every weekend beginning at 16 years old. Earning his Black-belt in Karate the year of 1998. Da'Ronn competed from the age of 16 to 19 years old. Winning in every division he competed in. His titles include 1996 & 1997 Canadian Championships, 1997 & 1998 I.M.A.C Triple crown winner in the men's advanced division. Da'Ronn Greene has over 20 years of martial arts experience in different styles such as Karate, Shotokan Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Kick-Boxing , Judo, and is currently a certified full fledged Minna-Jiu-Jitsu  Self-Defense instructor. Da'Ronn Greene 1st Dan Black Belt
2nd Dan Black Belt - MJJ